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The Hidden Reason Clients “Care” About Your Technology and Processes

Some financial services business owners feel the value of the services they offer directly correlates with the amount of time they spend on a client’s work. However, we know that’s not true for most firms. You probably know that your clients care about the result and the value you provide for them. Your clients care that their needs are consistently satisfied regardless of the circumstances. Most clients do not care about how much time it took you to fulfill a service you offered to them, or how you did it.

Your clients unknowingly care about technology and processes because when you use a blend that makes you operationality efficient, you have more time to give them what they care about: Value > Personal Attention > Results.

Two Signs You Can Improve Technology and Processes

Ensuring your firm stays up to date on the latest technology and procedures is crucial to giving your clients what they desire in a relationship. Here are two signs that you need a reality check when it comes to the technology and processes in your financial services firm:

Does your staff spend a lot of time IN client services without working directly WITH clients?

If your technology and procedures require extensive manual work from you and your team, you most likely could offload portions of that work to the right technology. When you have the right technology and process, you can automate repetitive tasks. And it doesn’t always have to be huge tasks.

For example, do you and your staff spend too much time planning projects or worse losing track of what needs to be done?

Consider a tool like Trello. A simple yet powerful web-based project and task management tool, Trello will make organizing tasks and projects simple. If you are a visual person that likes to see all open tasks and projects, Trello may be one of the best solutions that you implement in 2022. And if you use Gmail, you can create Trello tasks right in Gmail.

Do you spend a lot of time managing your marketing efforts? Marketing automation tools allow you to automate repetitive tasks like email outreach, social media posts and website publishing so you can spend more time on other parts of your business.

Marketing automation software has become easier to use and less expensive to purchase in recent years. Some of the following marketing automation software solutions offer email marketing, event management, and a robust CRM.

· Hubspot: Starts at $45/month (does not include social media management)

· Keap: Starts at $56/month (does not include social media management)

· SproutSocial; $89/month (full-featured social media management tool)

· ActiveCampaign: Starts at $49/month

You can also save time, while increasing the quality of services you offer through outsourcing back office administrative tasks to companies that specialize in working with wealth management firms. The most obvious benefit to outsourcing is the access to a great team of people whose sole focus is on your business. This means you can hand over all related administrative tasks without worrying about how they are being handled. In addition, outsourcing daily administrative tasks allows for more time spent on strategies that will drive customer engagement and AUM growth. A great admin service provider can be your greatest partner to date.

Do you base part of the value you deliver to clients on the time it takes you to complete work?

Once you start building systems based around innovative technology, you’ll start to realize the amount of time you spend servicing each client dramatically decreases. Even though the time you spend servicing these clients decreases, the overall value you deliver to each client will increase. With the right technology and processes in place, your perception of value will align with the perceived value that your clients receive.

Nexa Insights has one of the best tools in wealth management to help firms understand how clients perceive the relationship with their advisor.

By improving your operations to offload manual, repetitive tasks to technology or an outsource provider, your team will work efficiently and have more time to focus on client relationship building initiatives.


The number of technology and service providers that are experts in your industry is growing at an amazing rate, and there are hundreds of companies ready to help

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