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Careers at AllBackoffice

Account Manager (Operations Advisor - Account Manager – Operations Solutions and Executive Administration)


Full Time
Division: Investment Advisory Solutions
Location: Edenton, NC & Work from home
Posted: June 23, 2022


AllBackoffice Consulting:  Leading financial adviser solutions & enterprise financial technology solutions provider.  AllBackoffice Consulting helps independent RIAs to start their practices and to execute better in their operations, administration, and technology.  Our experienced team and diverse network of partners work together to provide an open technology and vendor platform, tailored for each RIA practice.

Our Values:

  • Honesty

    • Honesty is always a choice.  We are honest with ourselves, our team, and our clients.

  • Dependability

    • We are dedicated and committed to doing what we say we will do

  • Above and Beyond

    • We do what it takes to deliver…to find a solution

  • Adaptability/Flexibility

    • We are proactive learners – Have the patience and the wisdom to change

  • Fast and Accurate

    • We are working smarter and faster, a choice

  • Proactive Frequent Communication

    • We communicate under our own initiative and with consistency

Job Description and Responsibilities

The ideal candidate will be committed to the confidentiality of client data and will be responsible for the delivery and execution of executive administration, operations, and technology services.  This candidate cares about the clients we serve on a personal level and enjoys solving problems.  This candidate builds relationships with everyone around them and focuses on clients’ stated and unstated wins.  Experience, intellect, and care, drive a focus on understanding and resolving problems.




  • Responsible for quality and timely execution of services to advisors

  • Primary Contact for Advisors - Operates between clients, AllBackoffice team members and third-party partners to support client wins

  • Coordinate and prioritize client needs toward resolved outcomes

  • Proactive and frequent communication, with a commitment to standard operating procedures and documented workflows in advisory software tools

  • Proactively manage to avoid errors and delivery short-falls

  • Utilize multiple software platforms across the advisory operation.

  • Coordinate with custodian/internal teams to resolve daily and one-off issues

  • Manage best practice processes to include quality assurance, billing, and performance reporting cycles for clients

  • Provide services in compliance with advisory policies and procedures

  • Work with internal team to develop more efficient processes and consistent best practice policies

  • Remain proactive and responsive to management, team, and clients by phone and email for the good of the company

  • Analyze client needs to provide solutions based on client goals

  • Prepare materials for advisor-client meetings

  • Complete, coordinate with client, submit and manage exceptions for client-required paperwork




  • Multiple years of experience working in financial services client support

  • Knowledge of office procedures and of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and arithmetic

  • Proficient in Microsoft server/desktop administration, MS Windows, MS Office, and web-based work knowledge

  • Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail

  • Skilled in data entry with minimal errors

  • Skilled in managing one’s own time

  • Skilled in completing assignments accurately and with attention to detail

  • Ability to manage multiple programs simultaneously

  • Skill in communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience

  • Skill in talking to others to convey information effectively

  • Skill in editing emails for correct grammar

  • Skill in giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times

  • Ability to handle difficult and stressful situations with professional composure

  • Ability to maintain effective interpersonal relationships

  • Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet close deadlines

  • Ability to analyze, organize and prioritize work while meeting multiple deadlines

  • Ability to review work for accuracy

  • Ability to process and handle confidential information with discretion

  • Ability to understand and follow instructions

  • Ability to work well in a team environment and present a professional demeanor

  • Must be flexible, reliable, trustworthy, and confidential with all matters

  • Management experience preferable


Interested in this role? Send your resume to Julien Mordecai at


AllBackoffice Consulting is committed to supporting the advisors we work with as an open architecture operations workflow and strategic support partner.  By joining our team in this role, you will have the opportunity to become a long-term trusted advisor for investment advisory practices. 


Compensation will be determined depending on the candidate’s experience.  AllBackoffice also offers retirement plan matching, as well as health insurance and 3 weeks of paid time off per year.

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