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Custom Software Development

We turn your technological innovations into the next must-have platform.

Innovation and success do not happen by accident

We deliver end-to-end custom business software development to turn your technological innovations into the next must-have platform for the wealth management industry.

Our cross-technology expertise, industry vision, experience, modern development models, and tailored processes help you get to launch faster than ever with a final product that will enable you to stand out from competition.

Since 2009, we have delivered predictable and measurable outcomes that exceed our client's business needs, from idea validation and consulting to custom application development, product development, quality management, and continuous post-deployment practices.

Ensuring successful deployment of your software is our mission

We do not just code products. We will help you examine the design and align the feature set with your business requirements. We prioritize your goals and ensure the final product will meet the needs of your end-users. We love turning ideas into design, but we are also not afraid to step in and take on other developers' work.

When you work with AllBackoffice, you will work with a collective team of application developers, software engineers, and front-end designers who will create your product using a combination of modern software and hardware. We have the knowledge and skills to design solutions that move you ahead of the competition, better serve your clients, and enhance the way your team works.

</> Product Planning

You have an idea. Let us brainstorm together, identify a winning strategy, and drive innovation that leads to the best outcome for your project. Product planning helps to ensure that the necessary resources are available for your project, that the development process is organized and structured, and that all stakeholders are aware of the goals and objectives of the project. Our product planning stage includes elements, such as:

  • Defining the scope of the project and deliverables

  • Identifying the stakeholders and their roles

  • Developing a project timeline with milestones

  • Review your project budget

</> Requirements Engineering and Review


Requirements engineering and review define what your application must do and includes gathering software needs, analysis, and documentation for the development team with an SRS – Software Requirements Specification. This process includes:

  • An understanding of the purpose of your application

  • Identifying who will use your application

  • Product scope and requirements

  • User needs

  • Functional requirements and features

</> Software Architecture Documentation

This is the map of your application. Our technical team will create a software architecture document that provides a detailed overview of your application’s functionality, its components, and how those components work together.

 </> Custom Software and Application Development

We build flawless applications. From frontend solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, fast, and scalable using frameworks such as Angular, and React, to backend development solutions that are high-performing, resizable, and secure.

</> Mobile Application Development

Android, iOS, or cross-platform, your mobile application's success depends on the quality of its design and development. Operating as your full-service mobile app development team, we provide everything from best-in-class US/UI design to ongoing technical support after deployment. Our expert mobile app developers are committed to crafting custom applications that deliver a beautiful, frictionless user experience.

</> 3rd Party Integrations

To stay competitive in today's fintech market, your application must integrate with your client's existing systems and applications. Our senior engineers have developed API and file integrations with leading wealth management technology platforms, and we are ready to connect you to the industry. Let us show you how a fully integrated solution will save you time, close more sales, and turn your application into a compulsory component of a firm’s tech stack.

</> Support and Maintenance

Improve customer satisfaction, achieve maximum app availability, and speed up client implementation of your solution with our application support and maintenance service. Our single goal is to ensure your application is available, dependable, and continuously changing to meet the needs of your organization and your clients.

  • Develop product manuals, FAQs, and knowledge bases

  • Act as Tier 1 support receiving, logging, and resolving client service requests

  • Administering user accounts

  • Training and onboarding

  • Application evolution to include obtaining user feedback on new features, ROI calculation, and feasibility studies

  • Stress testing and app performance monitoring

  • 24/7 security monitoring, security audits, penetration testing, incident troubleshooting

  • Cloud migration and infrastructure configuration

And much more.

We are ready to help you stand out from the competition and delight your customers.

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