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Strad Pro

Your Virtual Family Office Solution

StradPro adds family office-level services to your wealth management firm in minutes. The robust, yet easy-to-use portal positions advisors as a family CFO through a premium virtual client engagement platform.

  • Positions you as the family CFO and collaborate with other financial professionals on your client's team, such as CPAs and other local professionals.

  • StradPro delivers a highly personalized digital experience through a secure organizational structure designed to encourage clients to share important data, and for advisors to manage with more insight.

  • Differentiates your offering from financial service competitors, allowing greater intimacy and higher levels of care while integrating the family office model into your practice.

60-Day Free Trial

  • Full configuration with your custodians.

  • Data Aggregation – to capture your client’s full financial picture.

  • Test with your clients and their other professionals, such as CPAs and attorneys. 

  • AllBackoffice assistance with data migrations or data integrations as needed.

  • Secure Document Exchange.

  • Implementation of best practices, setup, and support available through AllBackoffice executive admin services. 


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