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Our Story


"We strive to help advisors maximize their productivity and achieve their goals."
Julien Mordecai, Founder, AllBackoffice

In 2009, Julien Mordecai started AllBackoffice Consulting, LLC because of his passion and appreciation for the unique entrepreneurs that created the independent RIA phenomenon. Since the 1980s, independent advisors have distinguished themselves by taking passionate ownership of their fiduciary commitment and simply doing a better job for their clients than most of the financial giants. We remain dedicated to working with our advisors to help them serve their clients and continually evolve their operations.

The problem we help solve is the ongoing challenges of specialization. Boutique RIA practices simply do not have enough team members to allow for specialized practices. In fact, few practices possess the perfect combination of collect team efficiencies. For example, most advisors' best productivity and passions are spent with clients to help solve individual challenges, while other advisors may enjoy investment research, growth, or specialized planning.


Additionally, technology presents ongoing challenges that require continuous evolution. Technology application is highly specialized, requires diligent follow-up, and is detail-oriented. Information technology can be rather mundane, frustrating, or downright painful for advisors and staff. By bringing a team of conscientious, diversified resources to aid our advisors, we contribute to greater peace of mind, focus, and growth in independent practices.  

Many RIAs face daily challenges in managing operations, staff, and technology. We are here to help you execute, reduce distractions, and eliminate areas of weakness so that you can focus on your investing and planning work. With proper management strategies in place, you are able to spend more time with your clients, helping them to achieve their own goals and dreams! 

Our team adheres to three driving principles:

Mission: We support financial services and fintech leaders with an ensemble of complimentary operations and technology experts, facilitating growth, peace of mind and focus.

Vision: To be the one most trusted team for independent investment advisors & fintech providers.

Consulting: Our approach to stakeholder relationships is to be as transparent as possible through collaborative decision-making, discussion, and design leading to mutual execution plans.

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