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Solutions are on the horizon...merger announced!

We are excited to announce the merger of Aqumulate LLC. and AllBackoffice Consulting LLC.

Our mission for investment advisors is simple:

We convert your office work into integrated, automated information management!

Edenton, North Carolina., April 9, 2020 — Aqumulate LLC and AllBackoffice Consulting LLC announced that the companies have merged effective January 1, 2020. The combined business will deliver a suite of technology and operational services to provide greater efficiencies for the clients of both companies. The merged business entity will provide greater efficiencies for clients of both companies. Aqumulate and AllBackoffice Consulting will continue to operate separately, but will collaborate to provide linked services that focus on the independent RIA and Fintech niche!

Specializing in account aggregation, Aqumulate began its mission in 2006 to deliver an account aggregation solution that functioned with a wide range of financial technology platforms. John Luciano founded Aqumulate to provide advisors with a way to share client account details across financial institutions and data platforms with minimal issues and errors. Aqumulate is one of the only aggregation vendors dedicated to a single offering of data aggregation, capable of file transmission into a wide variety of financial technology platforms such as PortfolioCenter, Orion and many performance accounting, financial planning and client web portals. Priced to compete with ByAllAccounts®, the addition of AllBackoffice’s offerings adds an upgrade in service that promises to improve the advisor and end-client experience.

“As we focused on enhancing our data engine, I realized it was time for Aqumulate to find a partner that also loved working with investment advisors and who could take Aqumulate to a new level of service excellence,” explains Luciano on how the partnership between Aqumulate and AllBackoffice came to be. “That partner was not some big tech company or a competing aggregator. That company had to understand what my clients do daily with the data that we aggregate, and that company had to understand how service and support was critical to the success of our offering.” AllBackoffice fit the bill.

AllBackoffice Consulting has an 11-year history of providing data and back-office support to independent and boutique advisors across the country making it the perfect company to partner with Aqumulate. Having gained a reputation for its mastery of PortfolioCenter, AllBackoffice is now equipped to provide clients with a wide range of administrative, operational, and technology services. Offering a trusted partner with an open-architecture back-office service and technology solution for independent investment advisors, AllBackoffice’s team works diligently to provide clients with personalized and comprehensive consulting, operations, and IT services. The wave of fintech consolidation has resulted in integrated packaged platforms, but not every advisor feels at ease with all their technology eggs in one basket. AllBackoffice helps advisors benefit from an integrated stack of best-of-breed solutions without risking a multi-year contract.

“We are here as a coach, admin assistant, and IT partner to assist advisors by offering our practice management advice, outsourced labor and/or automation leverage to take office work off of your shoulders,” shared founder and CEO Julien Mordecai. “You alone should determine the value you bring to your business. We know that as most advisors do, you love spending time with your clients, and that you are committed to building your business. We’re here to help you focus, and to bring you peace of mind as your grow your practice.”

The immediate effect of the merger will be seamless. Together, the goals of the companies are to improve the daily services and response times, expand features, and continue to provide extensive customer service and support. By joining forces, AllBackoffice and Aqumulate will develop an aggregation engine and back-office support solution ideal for growing advisors.

AllBackoffice LLC and Aqumulate LLC merged on September 30, 2019 effective upon January 1st, 2020.


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