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PortfolioCenter® Management: Outsourcing the Time-consuming Bits

For thousands of registered investment advisors (“RIAs”), PortfolioCenter® is a compulsory component to their technology stack. Long regarded as one of the most reliable portfolio management systems in the wealth management industry, PortfolioCenter® is relied upon each day to calculate performance, rebalance, analyze, and bill on client portfolios. The software is a tried-and-true solution.

But the daily management of PortfolioCenter® requires time to ensure account data is imported correctly, reports are timely, and billing is accurate. And as RIAs focus on more business growth initiatives related to new client onboarding and ongoing service, scaling operations, specifically as it relates to the daily management of PortfolioCenter®, can often become a bottleneck.

To improve operational efficiency, and re-gain time to focus on client building activities, many RIAs will look outside their practice to a PortfolioCenter® service bureau that can handle the daily reporting and billing functions. While letting go of managing PortfolioCenter® may not be a simple decision, it is one of the most efficient ways to help improve internal operations.

Outsourcing PortfolioCenter® Management

For a growing RIA, a service bureau will offer the opportunity of outsourcing back-office functions so that their team can focus on providing excellent customer service. With hosted technology at their disposal, the service bureau will protect all client data while their experts keep the advisor’s PortfolioCenter® reports accurate and up to date. A true back-office partner who will manage all aspects of daily reporting, posting, and billing functions.

The heart of outsourcing: Trust

The key to a successful partnership with an outsourced PortfolioCenter® service bureau is trust. Trust that the service bureau can do it well. Trust that they will perform the tasks regularly. Trust that everything will be correct and available when you need it.

At AllBackoffice, our team has over 12 years of experience working with PortfolioCenter®. With that level of experience, an RIA can be confident we have the expertise to manage all aspects of the work in PortfolioCenter®.

Level of Outsourcing for PortfolioCenter®

There are many ways to handle PortfolioCenter® from an outsourcing perspective. You can hire AllBackoffice to handle some of your clients, do some tasks, or just step in when the workload is too high. Or you can hire our team to “just handle it.” We will make sure that everything is done accurately, reporting back to you at every stage.

We provide you with dedicated, “full-time” staff. Full-time in your context might mean 20 hours a week. If that’s all you need them for, they will handle other things for our office, but they’re focused on your business, your needs. They become your single, go-to person.

Communicating with AllBackoffice

One of the biggest concerns for some RIAs who aren’t experienced with outsourcing is how to communicate with a back-office team in a way that’s effective and consistent. That’s a lot easier than it might seem.

Regular video calls, phone calls, and email are all part of how we communicate with our clients. Whatever way works best for you is the way to communicate. Communication is vital to your comfort and success. That’s why each of our team members knows to over-communicate, at least until you’ve reached your comfort level.

More than Just PortfolioCenter® – White Glove Concierge Services

AllBackoffice is a true RIA focused outsourcing solution provider to handle all aspects of business and technology operations:

  • Executive administration, operations, and an IT team dedicated to helping RIAs operate as efficiently as possible.

  • Relationships with third-party technology and professional solutions providers to help compress costs.

  • System, operations, and personnel redundancy in the event of an emergency.

  • Expanded bandwidth and scale in the event of fast growth or loss of a key employee.

  • Compliance administration, system integration, business succession planning, and more.

Your team is your greatest asset, AllBackoffice is a close second.

Outsourcing Partner for Everything an RIA Needs

The goal at AllBackoffice is simple: to provide RIAs with everything they need to succeed. We’re the experts, an extension of your firm that makes certain you have the PortfolioCenter®, business, technical, and operations support you need to grow your business, increase your income, and keep all your clients satisfied and well cared for.

Outsourcing PortfolioCenter® maintenance is often one of the best operational decisions an RIA can make because it helps keep the RIA on track to grow their business. Doing it with AllBackoffice helps to guarantee RIAs get the level of service they expect and need from an outsourcing company.

Set yourself free to grow with help of a team that knows what they’re doing. Contact us today for a free consultation. You might be surprised at how easy it is to work with us.


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