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Generate Income from Self-Directed Accounts

Generate Income from Self-Directed Accounts

As investors increasingly turn to advisors for guidance on how to protect and grow their retirement account balances, advisors have an opportunity to open new avenues for revenue generation and increased client satisfaction. Aqumulate provides the strategic foundation for charging fees on held-away assets.

Creating a New Revenue Stream

Many advisors provide retirement savings advice for free to cultivate a long- term relationship. But charging a fee for this service reveals an excellent, untapped source of revenue for independent financial advisors. If investors pay for this advice, they will expect the same level of insight and strategic planning that is devoted to their managed assets. To charge fees for retirement guidance on outside accounts, independent financial advisors must be able to access accurate and real-time transaction-level detail on their clients’ self- directed accounts.

Functional Overview

Aqumulate account aggregation provides this insight through a real-time, comprehensive view of an investor’s entire financial portfolio, including self-directed retirement accounts (401k, 403b), deferred compensation accounts, 529 plans, bonds, CDs, insurance, mortgages, and cash accounts.

This level of portfolio insight – complete with enhanced, reconciliation-ready account and transaction-level details – provides the strategic foundation needed for delivering sound financial guidance on held-away assets. The AllBackoffice aggregation solution offers:

  • Account aggregation that connects to more than 12,000 financial sources.

  • More than 25,000 transaction rules that enhance data prior to exporting into popular portfolio management software.

  • Export capabilities into Tamarac PortfolioCenter®, Morningstar Office, AssetBook, and more.

  • Customizable Security Master, transaction mapping, account number translation, and end-of-day pricing.

  • Fully automated or on demand exports into Portfolio Management Software.

  • Team of Backoffice experts to manage the daily reconciliation and posting, as well as quarterly billing so your team can focus on client engagements.

Connect With Us

For more information on AllBackoffice account aggregation, please contact us or (919) 741-6104


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