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Gaining Insights into Your Financial Services Business Through Client Surveys

Clients are unique, and every business has a unique set of clients with unique needs. Understanding how clients feel about your service, your staff, the performance you deliver can be a transformative process for you and your firm. Gaining this valuable feedback allows you to construct more accurate buyer profiles and better understand how you can serve their needs.

Better client profiles and personas, especially in financial services firms, contribute to more effective marketing techniques, which leads to a competitive edge. It can also highlight potential gaps in your offerings that your clients would find valuable.

This article will delve into the importance of customer insight and how you can best collect it.

Defining Customer Insights

Customer insights, sometimes referred to as consumer insights, interpret trends in human behavior that aim to reveal a customer’s underlying preferences, frustrations, and motives. By understanding these aspects of your target market, you can improve the effectiveness and relevance of your financial products and services.

The main goal of collecting insights is to understand why your clients care or dislike the services you provide, cure deficiencies, refine your business to nurture existing relationships, and create a laser-focused marketing and sales campaign to develop new clients.

Collecting Customer Insights

When combined with qualitative and quantitative research data, customer insights become more actionable. You do not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to asking clients the important, hard-hitting questions. Traditional quantitative research methods, such as surveys, coupled with conventional qualitative research approaches, such as interviews and focus groups, effectively capture customer insights.

With that, here are some ways to gain insight from your clients.

Distribute Customer Surveys or Questionnaires

Simply asking for feedback is one of the most effective methods to obtain it. With that in mind, one of the simplest ways to get information is through online surveys or questionnaires.

However, even if you have dozens of questions, your clients are unlikely to want or have time to address them all. Make your inquiries concise and direct to the point. To minimize a shortage of responses, keep brief written response answers to less than five questions.

A simple yes or no poll is a straightforward way to get feedback from clients. You can ask simple questions, and immediate feedback is collected through polls. You can also leverage social media posts to conduct polls. It can even be an innovative idea to run your surveys on other platforms to see how your client's needs differ.

And there is a more scientific approach to surveys, that ties your service offering the perceived value your client realizes. The company that does this the best is Nexa Insights.

Hold Interviews with Your Clients

Consider conducting phone or zoom interviews to obtain information from clients if your organization is more traditional and old-fashioned or if you have a more personal relationship with your clients.

If clients frequently visit your place of business, you can even conduct interviews in person. Because there is no filter or editing involved when speaking with clients in person, you will get more accurate responses. It is unnecessary to have a formal interview: Try having a casual chat with your client's for more genuine answers.


Every wealth management firm is different, but they all have one thing in common: the need to be client centric. However, this continues to be a challenge for companies bombarded with mundane office tasks. Good thing there is an answer to this.

About AllBackoffice Consulting.

AllBackoffice Consulting is a financial technology firm that specializes in transforming financial advisor office work into fully automated data management. Strategic coaching, transition services, outsourced workflow support, and turnkey management of technology platforms are all included in AllBackoffice's personalized support packages. These packages are for independent RIAs, so you can focus on higher-value tasks that help your financial services firm grow, such as making sense of customer insights and making actionable steps after that.


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