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A Day in The Life of an Advisor Series: Can I Outsource This? Client Requests

What is the task?  Client requests are a daunting yet vitally important task for advisors. The tasks often involve support from outside entities such as an RIA’s custodian or other financial institutions as well as additional professional and technology tools. For practices that do have available staff, these are a distraction. For advisors without full-time staff, this falls onto their to-do list. Either way, these client requests take time and attention away from higher-value tasks.

Why advisors do not think to outsource client requests. There are many reasons why an advisor may not think to or may not think they want to outsource client requests. The main reason is that they want to maintain a certain style standard when communicating with clients including a polite, well-spoken, responsive, and conscientious manner when communicating. Advisors also tend to wonder if outsourcers would follow up and follow through on a request the same way the advisor themself would.

Ask yourself - Can someone do these tasks as well as me?

When considering outsourcing a task, there are some questions an advisor should consider:

  • “Can someone else do this task at least 80% as well as me?”

If the answer is yes, then outsourcing is probably a good decision.

  • “If I didn’t have to do this task, would I be able to spend more time on a task that directly impacts revenue growth?”

AllBackoffice’s Advisor Solutions Onboarding and Team Lead estimated that outsourcing client requests saves our advisors over 150 hours per year! Benefits of Outsourcing client requests

  • An outsource provider that is your true business partner will learn all aspects of your business and how your work with your clients. The provider will have on-demand access to client documents, will be familiar with your clients, and will know the proper way to go about resolving an issue.

  • Advisors might tend to be more mistake-prone or not pay attention to details if trying to get this work done on the fly or between other tasks, whereas an outsourced team can make sure there is a quality assurance step in the process.

  • AllBackoffice has situational knowledge of the advisor’s practice having spent the past 12+ years helping advisors with admin operations. AllBackoffice operates with a high level of service and due care that is extended to each customer. Our experience and high care make us beyond qualified to tackle Client Requests with proper attentiveness.

Contact us to learn how our team of dedicated client service specialists can help you with handling client requests.


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