AdvisorMON StradPro Family Office Portal

Portal is the right word for the new StradPro Family Office Platform, but too plain of a word to cover the many elements of value that this offering provides!

StradPro empowers advisors as family CFOs with a premium virtual client engagement platform that…

  • Renders virtual meetings almost a handshake away, and positions you as the family CFO

  • Offers a secure organizational structure designed to encourage clients to share more important data, and for advisors to manage with more insight

  • Differentiates your offering from financial service competitors, allowing greater intimacy and higher levels of care while integrating the family office model into your practice


60-Day Trial offering...

  • Full configuration with your custodians

  • Data Aggregation – to capture your client’s full financial picture

  • Test with a few end clients! Add some of their other professionals, such as CPA, attorney. Secure video conferencing and family life planning

  • AllBackoffice assistance with data migrations or data integrations as needed

  • Secure Document Exchange


Full Onboarding with AllBackoffice Consulting

  • We encourage you to let us help you implement the StradPro offering as either a self-managed technology subscription, family office and marketing membership, or a transformational enhancement to your RIA client service and intimacy model. 

  • Benefits for your clients include highly personalized insight, with maximized potential through strategic long-term advice, and the peace of mind offered by a team approach.

  • Upgrade your technology suite with StradPro and integrate with your existing key client partners, including CPAs and other local professionals.

  • Work with our team to help you select what is best for you and how best to engage:

    • StradPro – Subscription

    • StradPro – Membership

    • StradPro Transformation