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Our consultants have worked with advisors on average for more than 15 years.  We understand that technology consulting is not so much what products you have selected, but how best to leverage these towards maximum value and efficiency.

  • Comprehensive AllBackoffice Review – By teaming with other consultants like Gary Davis from Beneficial Concepts, ABC has developed a proven method for evaluating the current operations and technology tools your firm maintains relative to your current needs and future goals.  This evaluation is redeployed as a project plan designed to address liabilities and target opportunities for greater leverage and efficiencies in the use of existing technologies.  Areas of cost savings, risk avoidance and increased ROI are orders of first magnitude.  Quarterly reviews and the participation of advisor staff are a requirement of this service.

  • Targeted Improvement – ABC supports PortfolioCenter and a number of additional technologies in efforts to increase the leverage of these existing tools.

  • Partnership Recommendations ABC Trusted Consulting – ABC consultants know we don’t know everything, but we do know the market.  Too often advisors seek to simplify their lives by investing in a single technology or consulting partner.  The new world of corroborative business alliances with the help of technology, allows us to introduce you to experts in almost any area of your financial services practice.