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Fully Outsourced PortfolioCenter® PDF Print E-mail

Includes proactive PortfolioCenter® and related technologies ongoing consulting service.

ABC offers proactive PortfolioCenter® and related back office technology consulting services free as part of outsourcing workflow.  The value of these additional services can easily exceed the value of the actual workflow involved in supporting PortfolioCenter®.

  • Advisor Policy Document – ABC drives best practices within PortfolioCenter® based on your needs and the years of experience in supporting PortfolioCenter®.

  • Quality Assurance Process – Lisa Welborn, former head of QA at Performance Technologies, has designed a quality assurance process in order to reduce the number of errors in every phase of our service to you.  Many processes are automated while others are managed by our expert staff.  This process is proprietary and managed in a proactive manner.  After each quarterly cycle, we review our performance and explore opportunities to improve ABC services and efficiencies for your practice.

  • Data Aggregation with Held-Away Accounts – ABC encourages and supports our advisors with tracking of all investment assets, including alternative assets, 401K and insurance investments.   Tracking outside assets is important for a fiduciary and helps to establish the trusted advisor service model by giving clients a complete picture of their investment portfolio.  

  • Data Downloads – Whether hosted with our back-up supported and secure hosting partner or whether we are logging into your secure servers; we will download data from each of your custody and clearing partners on a daily basis in the early hours of the morning.

  • Manual Reconciliation – Many new technologies have advanced the reconciliation process, however, nothing beats the expertise and intuition of a human being.  ABC also, leverages an intelligent improvement automation process to streamline and remove standard exceptions from the manual corrections process.

  • Tax Reports and Tax Lot Cost Basis – ABC can help you leverage PortfolioCenter®’s tax lot accounting power to offer your clients and their tax accountants a tax advantaged asset management strategy.  When used in conjunction with trade rebalancing tools, PortfolioCenter® can help you save thousands of dollars in client taxes and improve on the time cycle required to process trades.  Additionally, you can track and report on realized and unrealized gain/loss separately as well as long term and short term gains and losses.  

  • Performance Reporting – Performance computations and reports can be set to be produced on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so you can easily produce the reports you feel are most appropriate for your client base.

  • Billing – PortfolioCenter® provides one of the most robust and flexible billing modules available.  With the help of our experts, you can put this tool to work to offer the fairest and clearest billing offering available.  ABC can help you bill efficiently with just about any billing schedule you use for asset management services.  Additionally, our recommended processes will reduce errors and the mistakes related to billing accounts with insufficient cash balances in accounts.

  • New Securities and New Accounts Set up - We will automatically identify all new securities and accounts, apply standard default processes for security classification and household, performance, billing and tax grouping as per documented instructions from your advisors

  • Asset Class and Sector Code Definitions – ABC can apply a default protocol to classifying securities, along with enabling you to make changes as needed.

  • Return Audits - Returns are benchmarked against an acceptable range and will be audited at the asset class, account and group level to reduce reports being reproduced.  ABC will review any outlying return numbers relative to the acceptable range and explore the potential of an error.

  • GIPS Compliant Reporting and Maintenance – PortfolioCenter® can support GIPS compliant reporting, ABC can help your company develop processes and ongoing monitoring of accounts to enable compliance with presentation standards.

  • Reports on Demand or Pre-Batched – With ABC, you can maintain control of PortfolioCenter®and run reports as needed with your own settings or ABC can pre-batch most used reports, so they are available on a daily basis.

  • Control Reporting levels with Grouping  and Smart Sets – Will help you design and maintain the appropriate reporting groups for reviewing and reporting on your clients assets by investment policy, advisor, manager, book or composite.

  • Custom PortfolioCenter Reports - PortfolioCenter® offers tremendous flexibility in reporting, but with so many options, it can be time consuming to narrow down the best combination of reports for your practice.  AllBackoffice offers custom report design and preparation so that your reports support your value proposition most fully.  Our expertise enables us to offer customized reports without you having to work through the trial and error process.  Reports are available in PDF format and can either be generated on demand or scheduled for batch production.

  • Custom Benchmarks – ABC can enter benchmark information and support the ongoing maintenance of benchmarks as they are managed with investment policy changes.  Additionally, with the help of custom reporting, a dynamic benchmark can also be applied.

  • Custom Allocations and Models – Leverage the power of PortfolioCenter® with models, global rebalancing and data exports to trading platforms with the help of our team.


*PortfolioCenter® is a product of Schwab Performance Technologies®, a subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corporation.