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AllBackoffice takes confidentiality and data security very seriously.  As part of our effort to support and protect our advisory clients, AllBackoffice is partnering with Envision Consulting to provide a proven Cyber Security Audit (CSA), that can be scaled to nearly any size firm. The Audit provides your firm with a comprehensive inventory of all the parts and pieces of your network, investigates the relationships between those pieces, and provides you with an itemization of YOUR security issues and recommendations for their remediation.


Part 1 – The Physical Audit

You can’t protect it if you don’t know you have it… so the CSA begins with a comprehensive inventory of your hardware, software, vendors and web services) Through a combination of software agents and onsite visits we’ll identify all the Pieces that make up “Your Network)”

Part 2 – The Relational Audit

In this step,  we’ll conduct a fact finding interview to flesh out and document the relationships between you, your employees, your vendors, and your data. In Cybersecurity it’s not just “Where is your data?” it’s also “How do you get to it?”

Part 3 – The Digital Audit

Unfortunately not everything in technology is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Problems often reside within the digital realm hidden from an inventory, hidden even from your understanding of how things are supposed to be laid out.

Therefore a necessary component of the CSA is a Digital Vulnerability Scan (it takes a cyber to catch a cyber) Examples include but are not limited to: open ports on firewalls, auto-fill default credentials, content filtering (or the lack thereof), and patch management)

Part 4 – Reporting

At the close of all this work, AllBackoffice and Envision will provide you with a summary report of all three Audits INCLUDING recommendations for remediation. The whole process takes between 30-45 days depending on the size of your firm and the number of pieces making up the puzzle.