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Portfolio accounting users have benefitted from dependable and accurate reports for over 20 years with programs like PortfolioCenter.  However, not all advisors or staff in an office are used to navigating the program or even should be.  The AllBackoffice Reportal was designed to provide most of the reporting capabilities to office personnel without them having to learn how to get around in the underlying application.  The combination of a dashboard loaded with daily alerts and quick access details, on-demand portfolio accounting and custom reports, as well as a vault for secure report production and delivery all via an easy-to-use MAC friendly site, amounts to a great addition to PortfolioCenter for growing firms.

Clients today expect 24/7 information access and greater transparency from their financial advisors, additionally they are more and more web savvy. Quarterly Reporting via snail mail may still be a must for some clients, but more progressive clients are already pushing for direct access, available anytime. With your branded Reportal your clients will rely more on your brand and your website while benefitting from aggregate reporting.

The ABC Reportal gives you a web solution both for the firm and your clients. With the ABC Reportal, you can access individual, household and book level reports for yourself while providing your tech savvy clients with an easy to use on-demand reporting solution.

The ABC Reportal has 3 primary capabilities:
1.    Run reports via the web
2.    Provides an Advisor Dashboard
3.    Provides a vault for document and report storage and sharing

Web Reporting:
The ABC Reportal provides integrated on-demand web reporting secured by advisor, household, or account. The ABC Reportal allows you to run the same reports you would from your portfolio management system. These reports can be standard, graphical, or customized. The ABC Reportal provides you with the following benefits:
•    For the Firm:
o    Provide access to firm personnel to run reports without having a license to your portfolio management system.
o    An easy to use web interface for running reports, accessible from any internet connected computer or tablet.
o    Ability to run single reports and/or multiple reports for one, multiple, or all clients in a single step.
o    Industry Standard security is used to provide a safe and secure web experience.
o    Permission based administration allows you to specify which firm personnel have access.
o    Allows control over which reports can be run by each user.
o    Reports can be saved as PDF’s, uploaded to the vault, emailed, or printed.
o    ABC Web Reportal can be branded to the firm.
o    Firm Staff can be freed up from need to run ad-hoc reports for clients.

•    For your Clients:
o    A simple web based solution for running reports.
o    Clients can get information in an instant, instead of calling the firm and waiting for an email or snail mail to arrive.
o    Clients can run reports from a pre-defined list, gaining access to the reports that are pertinent to each client
o    Clients can run reports any time, and define what time period they want to see.
o    Reports can be run for single accounts, multiple accounts, or by household.

ABC Reportal vault provides secure document storage and distribution and gives you the ability to upload reports and documents to a secure online vault. You can upload single reports or documents, or you can batch upload multiple reports in a single step. Clients access the vault via secure log-in. The ABC Reportal provides you with the following benefits:

•    For Advisors:
o    Streamlined process to deliver reports and documents, eliminate the need for snail mail.
o    Documents can be Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF’s. Reports are PDF’s.
o    Easy to use process for uploading single reports and documents, or multiple reports and documents.
o    Interested 3rd parties can access multiple clients’ reports in a single place.
o    Forms and agreements can be uploaded to a secure site, and retrieved when complete.
o    Confidential materials can be uploaded for specific client, prospect, or project access.
o    Industry Standard security is used to provide a safe and secure web vault.
o    Access is limited by secure log-in process.
o    Provides an archive for historical reports and documents.
o    Can be used for internal storage.
o    Access can be one-to-one (a client can only see their reports and documents), one-to-many (an interested 3rd party can see multiple client reports and documents, or one-to-all ( an advisors can see all client reports and documents)
o    Allows bulk uploads, automated mappings, and account/user/folder level security.

•    For your Clients:
o    A simple web based solution for storing and retrieving reports and documents.
o    A secure place to store personal documents, wills, trusts, contracts, copies of birth certificates, etc.
o    Easily review current or past reports, which can also be saved to the client’s personal computer or printed.

Advisor Dashboard:

The ABC Reportal Dashboard provides a branded advisor dashboard with at-a-glance views of data including account activity, holdings, allocations, documents, and more. The Advisor Dashboard provides a single  “go-to” place for the Advisor to get pertinent information.

•    For the Firm:
o    Track Household Groups & Accounts. Add user defined household groups and portfolios, and have your most important assets front and center every time you log in.
o    Track Securities. Monitor your largest client holdings, or define specific assets to track.
o    Activity Views & Advanced Search.  Easily monitor capital flows, buys and sells, expenses, fees and incomes.
o    New Accounts & Securities. Monitor new accounts and securities as they come into the system.
o    Allocations, Model Status & Grouped Holdings. View household group or account allocations based on models or by classification. Monitor the cash levels, view holdings including gains/losses and cost basis information. Check the current model allocations and holdings in relation to target percentages.
o    Integrated Reporting. Fully integrated Portf¬olioCenter reporting directly from the dashboard.
o    Drill into household groups, accounts and securities to instantly view activities, holdings, allocations and other information. Almost any record displayed can be further drilled into to view further detailed information.

With the ABC Web Reportal, your firm can provide a single portal, through your website, for firm and client access to reports and documents. This enables your firm to meet and exceed client expectations, and provide an enhanced client experience, improving your relationship with your clients.